Engolish is a complete program that works based on English words to perform Test, Listening, Reading, Writing, Repetition activities and picture animations. Two different type of English classes exist in this program: Pictured Classes and Advanced Level Classes. Both of these classes have same study method but in Pictured Classes you make an extra testing activity with the real Pictures of words. Other study methods are exactly same as: Listening activities with the sample sentences of words, Reading and Test activities with the definitions of words and Writing activities with words. You can listen to the pronunciations of all sample sentences and words in this program, and these pronunciations are high quality sounds. At the end of the lesson you see your correctness that is calculated with respect to your correct and incorrect answers in your lesson. Pictured classes are Beginner and Intermediate level. Advanced Level Classes are Upper-Intermediate and Advanced Level. There are 400 English words in Pictures Classes and 2000 TOEFL words in Advanced Level Classes. Finally, the other important point of the Engolish is it's Repetition classes. At the end of the lesson you can add the English words that you want to your Repeat class by selecting and clicking OK button. In the same way, if you study the words from your Repeat Class you can remove from your Repeat Class at the end of the lesson by Unselecting and clicking OK button.